Psalm 4

Dear brothers and sisters, today we are going to briefly examine the fourth psalm.

This particular psalm is a prayer of trust in God and a lament that expresses the psalmist’s distress and appeal to God for help. The psalm is attributed to David and is believed to have been written during a time of trouble.

The psalm begins with a plea to God to answer the psalmist’s prayer and to have mercy on him. The psalmist expresses his distress and frustration with his enemies, who are mocking him and attacking his reputation. However, the psalmist maintains his trust in God, affirming that God is the one who sustains him and gives him peace.

The psalmist then addresses his enemies directly, admonishing them to turn from their evil ways and to put their trust in God. He reminds them that the Lord has set apart the faithful for Himself and that God hears the prayers of His people.

This psalm concludes with David expressing his confidence in God’s goodness and his assurance that God will answer his prayers. He expresses his joy and gratitude for God’s provision and protection, and he encourages others to trust in God as well.

Psalm 4 is a prayer of trust and lament that expresses the psalmist’s faith in God in the face of adversity. It encourages us to turn to God in times of trouble, to trust in His goodness, and to rely on Him for our peace and protection.

May God bless you +
Fr Charles


1. Who is the author of Psalm 4 and what was the context in which it was written?
2. What is the psalmist’s main concern in this psalm?
3. How does the psalmist express his trust in God in the midst of his distress?
4. What does the psalmist say to his enemies, and what message does he hope to convey to them?
5. What is the significance of the psalmist’s assertion that God has set apart the faithful for Himself?
6. How does the psalmist conclude his prayer, and what is the overall message of this psalm?
7. How can we apply the message of Psalm 4 to our own lives and struggles?
8. What are some specific verses or phrases in Psalm 4 that are particularly meaningful or memorable to you?