Psalm 3

Psalm 3 is a lament written by King David during a time of distress. The psalm is structured around David’s plea to God for help, his expression of trust in God’s protection, and his assurance that God will deliver him from his enemies.

In the first two verses, David expresses his distress and the severity of his situation. He describes how many enemies have risen up against him and how they are saying that God will not help him. Despite this, David proclaims in the third verse that God is his shield, his glory, and the one who lifts up his head. David expresses his faith that God will answer him when he calls out to Him.

In verses 4-6, David describes how he cried out to God and God answered him. David finds comfort in the fact that he can lie down and sleep peacefully because God sustains him. In contrast, David’s enemies cannot find rest because God has turned against them.

In the final two verses, David expresses his confidence that God will ultimately deliver him from his enemies. He prays for God to bless his people and acknowledges that salvation belongs to the Lord. David ends the psalm by affirming his trust in God’s protection and his faith that God will deliver him.

The third psalm is a testimony of David’s faith in God’s protection and deliverance in the midst of distress and adversity. It encourages us to trust in God’s faithfulness and to call out to Him in times of trouble, confident that He will answer us and protect us.

God bless you +
Fr Charles


1. What is the structure of Psalm 3, and how does it reflect David’s plea to God for help and his confidence in God’s protection?
2. What does David express in verses 1-2 about his situation, and how does he find comfort in God’s protection in verse 3?
3. In verses 4-6, what does David describe how he cried out to God and how God answered him? How does this contrast with the state of his enemies?
4. In the final two verses, what does David pray for, and how does he express his trust in God’s deliverance?
5. How can we apply the message of Psalm 3 to our own lives, especially in times of distress and adversity?