How Can We Honour the Blessed Mother Mary?

Mary is called the Mother of God because she gave birth to Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God and the second person of the Holy Trinity. As such, Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ in His humanity and divinity. This belief is central to the Christian doctrine of the Incarnation, which holds that God became human in the person of Jesus Christ.

The title “Mother of God” is not intended to suggest that Mary is the source of God’s divinity or that she existed before God. Rather, it is a recognition of her unique role in salvation history as the mother of the incarnate Son of God. This title has been used in Christian tradition since ancient times and has been affirmed by various councils and theologians throughout history.

Protestants and other uninformed persons often accuse Catholics of worshipping Mary. Catholics do not worship Mary. Worship is reserved for God alone. However, as stated above, Mary holds a special place in Catholic devotion and is highly venerated as the Mother of God, a model of faith, and an intercessor who can pray to Jesus on behalf of believers. She does not replace Jesus as a mediator.

Practices that help us honour Mary are meant to deepen our relationship with God through Mary and to seek her help in growing in faith, hope, and love. Our practices are in no way related to how we worship Almighty God.

It is important to note that while we hold Mary in high esteem, we do not consider her to be divine or equal to God. She is regarded as a human being who was uniquely chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus Christ and to play a significant role in salvation history. This is attested to in the Bible.

Honouring the Blessed Mother St. Mary the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ is an important aspect of our faith and tradition. Here are some ways in which we can honour St. Mary:

Petitions: We can make respectful petitions to St. Mary, asking for her intercession and guidance through her Son, our Mediator Jesus, in our lives.

Visit her shrines: Many places around the world have dedicated shrines to the Blessed Mother, where we can pay our respects and offer prayers on behalf of others and for ourselves.

Celebrate her feast days: There are several feast days dedicated to St. Mary throughout the year, such as the Annunciation, the Assumption, and the Nativity. Celebrating these days by attending Mass or offering prayers is a way to honour her.

Read the Bible: The Blessed Virgin plays an important role in the Bible, particularly in the Gospels. Reading these passages and reflecting on her life and examples can be a way to honour her.

Imitate her virtues: Our Lady is known for her humility, faith, obedience, and love for God the Father. We can honour her by striving to imitate these virtues in our own life.

Support causes she cares about: St. Mary is often associated with caring for the poor and marginalised. Supporting causes that help those in need can be a way to honour her legacy.

Honouring St. Mary involves expressing reverence and gratitude for her role in the faith and striving to live a life that reflects her virtues.