God is With Us

Earlier in August I was speaking with a young man who had lost his job due to the violent rioting and violence that was taking place in his town. I could tell right away that he was very worried about the future of his family. He stated how guilty he was feeling because he felt that he should have done better and should have been prepared. I told him that there are situations in life that we can never prepare for, and that what he needed to do right now was pray, petitioning our Lord Jesus Christ for assistance and to rely on His ever present hand.

The uncertainty of the current times should never make us worry about our future, or have unnecessary anxiety about our needs or the needs of our family (Matthew 6:34). Our loving, Heavenly Father will provide for those needs in one way or another. This is not the time to anxiously worry about the future, but we should be praying to our Creator and asking for His counsel and guidance in all things. (James 1:5) Not only will He provide for our needs, He will also give us solutions on how we as His children, can take action in providing and safeguarding ourselves and our family. He has promised to be with us (Joshua 1:9; Isaiah 41:10) and His promises are always fulfilled. (Isaiah 55:11)

Two days ago I spoke with the young man to see how things were going. He said he and his family had been praying and that he was notified by a friend about a new job in a nearby town and that it paid twice as much as his former work. I reminded him that he had been blessed. He agreed and said, “God is with us.”

God bless you+
Fr. Charles

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