I am an Orthodox hieromonk (a monk that has been ordained as a priest), serving as a priest poustinik affiliated with the Old Rite Orthodox Church (formerly known as the “Russian Orthodox Church in Communion with Rome” – ROCCR). We are a strand of the “Old Believers” or “Old Rite Brethren” which was originally authorised by Pope Pius Xth. This is my personal blog and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of all Orthodox jurisdictions. Most articles posted prior to November 2019 reflect thoughts from a ROCCR point of view.

Although I am retired due to chronic illness, I still have many obligations related to the priesthood. Under the mantle of my bishop, Aleksandar in Philadelphia, I maintain bi-ritual faculties, which means that I celebrate the liturgy for both the Old Rite Orthodox Church (all Sacraments) and the Roman Catholic Church (Mass, Confession, Unction). The latter only takes place when urgent requests can not be fulfilled by the current Roman Catholic diocesan priest; this would be in extreme emergencies. Please note that I am not always able to travel. During the COVID-19 restrictions, my travel and appointments are even more limited. Please contact me for more information. Thank you for understanding.


The Divine Liturgy is celebrated daily. If you have a special prayer request or other intention, please feel free to contact me with the details and they will be mentioned at the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. I will also keep you in my regular prayers.

More information on the Old Rite is available at OldRite.com

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