Lord, Let us See Your Kindness

In Psalm 84:7-12, we read: “Thou wilt turn, O God, and bring us to life: and thy people shall rejoice in thee. Shew us, O Lord, thy mercy; and grant us thy salvation. I will hear what the Lord God will speak in me: for he will speak peace unto his people: And unto his saints: and unto them that are converted to the heart. Surely his salvation is near to them that fear him: that glory may dwell in our land. Mercy and truth have met each other: justice and peace have kissed. Truth is sprung out of the earth: and justice hath looked down from heaven.” (Douay-Rheims Bible)

The ancient Israelites were persecuted by all the surrounding enemies, with trials constantly coming up against them from the heathen nations. The Psalmist expresses the fact that Israel waited for deliverance from the hand of God. They prayed for His guidance and put their trust in Him, awaiting the long promised Messiah.

How great and merciful is our Father’s compassion toward all of His children, and especially toward those who put their faith (trust) in Him. The Lord’s people know, like the Psalmist who penned the 88th Psalm, that God’s mercy and faithfulness is great. “The mercies of the Lord I will sing for ever. I will shew forth thy truth with my mouth to generation and generation.” (v.2)

During these turbulent times in the history of our world, may each of us keep faith in our Lord and His promises to see us through all trials. Our trust in Jesus Christ is essential. May we, with confidence, praise God for His never ending mercy and faithfulness toward those who fear Him.

God bless you,
Fr. Charles

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