Examining ourselves daily

While soujourning in this evil world, we must be ever mindful of our daily activities and how our actions affect those around us. We should be an example of how a son or daughter of our King lives and reacts with and towards others. Are we being charitable? Are we demonstrating love towards our enemies? Are we praying for those who persecute us and for those who bring harm to our brethren? Are we only paying lip service to our Lord or are we truly serving Him by serving others?

It should be our goal to be the best servant of Our Lord as possible and to be a great shining light for others who are suffering in this world, no matter who they are. When people look at us, are they able to read the Gospel on our faces?

To assist in accomplishing this goal, we should not only pray and meditate regularly (not only when we want or need something), and closely examine each step that we have taken throughout the day.

The Prayer of Examen can assist us in being more aware of our transgressions against our Heavenly Father’s holy commandments.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, wherever you are in the world, when all has been said and done during your time on this earth, may you be blessed with hearing the words, “Well done.”

May God bless each of you who strive to be His true servants while walking in this dark world.

Fr Charles

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